Be born again and purify yourself in the Earth’s womb.



Temazcal Cancun honors the millenary traditions of ancient medicine. Surrounded by old trees, right by a waterfall of cenote water, the sacred fire heats volcanic stones to create a special moment of relaxation and reflection to be shared with your partner, your family or your friends.


Treat yourself to a moment of wellness and relaxation in this Steam House, the perfect place to be in harmony with the elements of Nature.

Pair your Steam Bath Temazcal, with a relaxing massage. The massage is carried out by a professional and takes place in a tranquil nature surrounded area.

Appealing to self-healing abilities and honoring ancestral medicines, we invite you to learn about the benefits of the ancient arts of treating the body and mind.

Life is a constant learning process. Give yourself a moment to learn this time through the senses, through singing, movement and conscious meditation.

Detox or purification is a specific diet that is carried out for a limited time. In this diet, certain foods are consumed or eliminated to cleanse the body.

Experience an ancestral medicine retreat in Cancun. Accompany your learning and healing process with warm weather, surrounded by jungle, away from bustle.

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Para las personas que buscan una experiencia completamente diferente a un resort de los muchos que hay en el destino. Una atención personalizada y muy amigable. Si buscan unas vacaciones lejos de la civilización y quieran tranquilidad es una excelente opción. Sin duda regresaremos a olvidarnos de todo ahora si reservando temazcal desde antes. Felicidades.

Flavia BC

It is much more than a beautiful hacienda with an “environmentally friendly” architecture, design and concept. It is a space where, as soon as you get there, you feel welcomed by the “owners” of the place, that is, the jungle vegetation and its fauna. A place to reunite with oneself and with nature through the six senses. The aromas, colors, flavors, textures, sounds, sensory experiences of massages and temazcal. The impeccable hygiene of the place, the sound of nature, the good disposition and friendliness of Federico and the girls make this an endearing place. It is as different from what conventional hotel chains have to offer as it is beautiful. A place I will no doubt come back to.

Thomas Buie

Such an amazing experience! Sara was a great guide through the Temazcal! Super close to Cancun and very professional! After the ceremony, we had some refreshments and a nice waterfall shower. It is a must!!! Spanish is their first language so I highly recommend non-spanish speakers to bring someone fluent so you can appreciate the full ceremony!