What is Temazcal?

The temazcal, the traditional “house of heat” of pre-Hispanic origin, has survived from the antiquity until our days as a bath of healing and a space of prayer. Originally, they appeared in places with a spiritual value: sacred mountains, forests, areas of energetic power, temples or healing houses. The temazcal is built in the shape of a small round and roofed room or a circular dome, with natural materials, including wood poles covered with leather or stone, adobe, bricks or clay. To produce the heat, volcanic stones are heated in a bonfire located on the opposite side of the temazcal, and then are placed in a pit in the center of the temazcal. The dimensions of the temazcal vary, but its essence for ages combines in elements of ritual, ceremony and healing.

In a space carefully selected and blessed to meet with its purpose, the inside of a temazcal represents the womb of Our Mother Earth where early times are recreated, where things get ready to be born and reborn. The accumulation and strengthening of human power to that of the four elements opens the path to be grateful and to ask as well as to celebrate and to remember the most important moments of each one’s life. The humid heat, medicinal herbs, ozonation of the atmosphere and the infrared volcanic stones in the darkness, among other curative effects, assist on the following problems: Helps eliminate toxins, benefits the blood circulation, purifies the digestive tract, heals atrophied muscles, filters the respiratory tracts, strengthens the skin, reduces hepatic disorders, relaxes the nervous system, heals premenstrual symptoms, reduces size of cysts in the ovaries, solves problems of menstrual aberration, diminishes bone problems, helps losing weight, rests the eyes and invites to introspection and reflection.

Currently, most of the temazcals offer the benefits of modern steam therapy. But considering that men are seeds of Mother Earth, temazcaleros, the temazcal guides, shamans and therapists at the same time, spend good part of their efforts to lead the practice of this popular ancient healing therapy to the level of spiritual experience.

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