Our Temazcal

Sacred waters, the big trees of the tropical forest and the natural reserve, surround our temazcal. Can accommodate comfortably up to 12 persons, but special therapies for small groups or couples can be arranged. Conveniently located off the noise of Cancun and close to the voices of nature, with easy access from downtown Cancun or the Hotel Zone in an only 20-minute drive.

The design of the temazcal has been a fruit of the work of temazcaleros and local artists. The construction is of lime stone of the region, the flat is of sandstone and the 52 volcanic stones were brought especially for the temazcal from the skirts of the sacred mountain Cerro Gordo in Teotihuacan. Mosaics showing the teeth of a snake and motives of the pre-Hispanic mythology decorate the entry of the temazcal. The traditional outdoor courtyard, illuminated with the tenuous light of the torches and the small garden of basils, rues, rose maries and aloe vera create the special atmosphere. Together with the orientation of fire, the harmonic distribution of all the elements, the personalized attention and the cleanliness are part of the care in detail both in the exterior and inside the temazcal.

Signs of respect and care to the place mark the access. After a small walk through the jungle trail, the light of the fire and will lead you to our staff all dressed in white: specially prepared in medicine and spiritually gifted temazcalero, who will guide you thru the therapy, the Man of Fire and our Hostess welcoming you. Rustic bathrooms, dressing area, wardrobe, a table for fruit and drinks, mats, towels and hammocks to rest after the session are available. Close to it, runs the stream of the river Olantse featuring a cascade of clear waters of the cenote, where you can rinse at the end of this unique experience.

(998) 168 8252 / (998) 147 5723 | info@temazcalcancun.mx | Carr. Cancun-Merida Km 302. Calle Flamboyan 8, El Ramonal

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