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The temazcal starts with an introductory talk from the temazcalero guide, who will answer questions, followed by a salute around the fire. After a small cleaning ceremony with the copal and aromatic herbs, the participants will enter the temazcal and start experiencing the heat of the volcanic rock and its red light in the full darkness. The aroma of herbs and copal reconcile the mind, purify the body, raise the spirit in order to create the space to disintegrate bad energies and purify intentions.

Once all the participants are inside, the water will turn the fire of the stones into steam. The appearance of the steam marks the beginning of the work of the guide temazcalero with the help of aromatic herbs, mud, honey, aloe vera and refreshing teas, in four intervals of increasing and decreasing the heat by opening the door of the temazcal, invokes the curative power with words, songs and musical instruments. Each of the four intervals is dedicated to a different healing: of the body in its relationship with the Earth, emotions in their relationship with the Water, thought in its relationship with the Air, strength and the power in their relationship with the Fire.

In any moment, it is possible to leave the circle of the temazcal or to express needs or expectations, to request the guide to increase or reduce heat. A temazcal has been, it is and it must be a space of positive sensations, of an intimate experience shared between friends, of curative energies towards the body and liberation towards the spirit in an ambience simultaneously comfortable, disciplined, spontaneous, concentrated, relaxed, healthy and safe. After the session in the temazcal we recommend to rinse in cold water. Fresh fruit of the season and water of chaya will be served. The length of the temazcal session, because of its interactive character, is usually of an hour and a half. There is no rush, and there should always be time to share prints, have time to meditate and to reflect.

For reaching temperatures higher than those of the human body, it is not recommended for persons with heart problems, with pacemaker, hypertension, diabetics and pregnant women. We can organize special temazcal sessions for persons with certain limitations and for children although they can always take part in the first interval or two of the normal session.

Before entering our Temazcal please make sure you:

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